San Diego Ladies Hiking Giveaways & Newest Updates

Freebies & Raffles

San Diego Hiking Group for Women, womens hiking group in San Diego

Occasionally we will have raffles, freebies and contests, including hiking t-shirts, hydration backpacks, water bottles, etc! Join the group and follow us on Instagram to be notified of contests and giveaways @sdhikingladies

If there is a shirt you like in one of the contests, you can also purchase one for yourself, 100% of proceeds  go directly towards the group to help keep it running, fun & fresh!

Questions? Email:

2020 Hiking Challenge


Join us in 2020, with a new hiking challenge! Complete 20 new hikes you have never done before in San Diego County, within the year of 2020. Those who complete the challenge in our San Diego Hiking Ladies Group will receive a keepsake/prize. For more details and/or to commit yourself, go here:

Hiking Ladies Annual Holiday Party/Social


Thank you to all the ladies who came to our 1st annual holiday White Elephant Party in December 2019, it was a blast! Each year we will have an annual holiday party for active members of the group (who have attended at least 1 hike in our group). Looking forward to the next one!